If you’re a regular visitor to the Quiet Waters Fishing website, then you’ve probably noticed that the website has gotten a bit of a facelift over the last month. There is more content and better continuity between pages. There are two significant changes worth noting.

1) Gallery & Outdoor Journal

The old photo gallery is gone. I never found a good way to display photos on the old gallery page. The other issue was that the task of regularly updating the gallery was laborious. As a result, I decided to axe the idea of a traditional photo gallery.

I was simultaneously experiencing problems getting the blog organized. When I started writing blog posts, I would occasionally include pieces that were written from the heart. Over time, those pieces became misfit posts in the blog archive.

So I extracted those entries from the blog and made a home for them elsewhere. You can now find those articles, plus a few new ones, at the Gallery & Outdoor Journal Page. The Outdoor Journal may eventually get its own page. For now it shares a page with the old photo gallery which has been condensed into a slideshow.

2) Fly Fishing Sarasota

The other big change I made was adding a page dedicated to fly fishing in the Sarasota area. It was long overdue and it makes a nice addition to the website. It is LOADED with content, links to articles, and additional resources. It was made with the purpose of serving the needs of local and visiting fly anglers.

You can find the page HERE. I’ve added the page to the main menu of the website. Eventually, I’ll create a good way to provide monthly updates and fly fishing news from the page. That’s all I have for website changes. I hope you find the new content and layout helpful. Thanks for reading.

Captain Brian Boehm
Quiet Waters Fishing
Sarasota, FL