Thanks for discovering the home of Quiet Waters Fishing, a specialized guide service located in Sarasota, Florida. If your interest or passion involves the finer things like fly fishing or using traditional tackle with artificial baits to target fish, then this may be the experience you are seeking.

The shallow grass flats and gin clear water around Sarasota offer unique opportunities for serious anglers during the day. At night, fishing trips in the waters surrounding Sarasota are equally unique. Night trips offer a very personal experience. Most nights, there will not be many other anglers on the water with us and we’ll have the distinct sound of snook feeding on baitfish near the surface all to ourselves. You will be able to sight fish for multiple species throughout the night.

Captain Brian Boehm, the owner of Quiet Waters, runs his trips out of a 17 foot Maverick Mirage.You can find more detailed information about destinations by clicking here.

Specialty Trip: Bridge Tarpon

From Tampa Bay, to Sarasota, and south to Charlotte Harbor stands dozens of bridges that tarpon call home. By day, the appearance of these bridges is best described as unremarkable. But as the sun dips below the westward sky and closes the books on the day, darkness settles in and tarpon begin to go to work. Their abnormally large eyes, which they received their scientific name from, easily collect light in the darkness and transform them into giant silver eating machines. They pursue mullet, shrimp, crabs, and baitfish with reckless abandon, leaving telltale surface boils in their wake. On some nights, the sheer number of fish feeding around the skiff is astounding and I fear it will fundamentally change your expectations for tarpon fishing. An experience akin to what the greats enjoyed during the pioneering era… more

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Fly Fishing for Snook in Sarasota – Dock Lights

Fly Fishing for Snook in Sarasota – Dock Lights

Sarasota, FL offers some of the best fly fishing for snook on dock lights in all of Florida. This is the perfect trip for those anglers targeting snook with a fly rod. This comprehensive article breaks down the integral parts of fly fishing for snook on dock lights and gives the prime areas to find big snook on dock lights in Sarasota.

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