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Charter Options

Quiet Waters offers a variety of fishing charters in Sarasota and the surrounding areas. I offer light tackle spin fishing trips as well as fly fishing trips. Trips are available during the day or night depending on your interest. The cost of my trips range from $450.00 – $700.00 depending on which of the trips (outlined below) you decide to choose.


Sarasota Flats & Back Country Fishing Trips

Winter is a great time to catch winter redfish

Day trips are focused on shallow water fishing. This means we’ll be targeting species on the flats or in the back country depending on the season. On shallow water day trips we focus on species like snook, redfish, seatrout and others. When conditions are right, charter trips can be tailored to focus on sight fishing, topwater lure fishing, fishing potholes, and more. When you speak with me, we can adjust the trip accordingly to your skill and comfort level. I offer 4 hour, 6 hour, or Full day trips.

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Sarasota Night Fishing Trips

Night trips are primarily dock light fishing trips for snook, redfish, and tarpon. On many nights we’ll find hundreds of fish to target with artificial baits or flies. If you’re up for an adventure in the dark, night trips can be epic. I run the majority of night trips out of Sarasota and Nokomis. We’ll meet at the ramp a little after sunset and head out on our adventure. Night trips are 5 hours

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Sarasota Fly Fishing Trips

Angler holds a redfish he caught on fly

Fly Fishing trips are run from all of the same locations as the rest of my trips. The key to a successful fly fishing trip is matching the right trip to your skill level. Fly fishing trips for tarpon on the beach, back country trips for snook & reds, and dock light fishing are great options. Fly fishing on the flats or chasing pelagic species off the beach are fantastic choices.

I tie my own flies and I run my trips out of a Maverick Mirage. I’m one of the best fly fishing guides in Sarasota. If you’re fishing with me, we’re hunting fish. If you have questions, just reach out to me and we can get you squared away. Another great resource is my blog. I have some excellent blog posts on fly fishing, flies, etc.

To book a Fly fishing trip with Captain Brian, Click Hereor you can text/call 941-400-6218

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Sarasota Tarpon Fishing Trips

Tarpon trip locations will vary depending on the time of year. In spring, we will be able to target tarpon in brackish rivers and in back country areas. From late spring to summer, we’ll be sight fishing in the Gulf of Mexico for large adult tarpon as they ‘migrate’ through the Sarasota area. From mid-summer through fall, the best opportunity to target tarpon will be at night around dock lights and bridges. When you speak with me, I’ll let you know where your best chances at catching a tarpon will be. These are normally 5 hour trips at night and 6+hour trips during the day.

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Sarasota Specialty Fishing Trips

Depending on when you’re looking to fish, there may be a specialty trip available. In fall, I may be dialed in on schooling redfish, or the topwater bite for big snook may be electric. I may suggest that we give it a shot. In spring, tarpon can really stack up on bridges and I may suggest that as a potential option. Other times, I’ll find snook and redfish piled into a small cove and this may be the best opportunity you will ever have to sight fish for snook or redfish. Being open to these opportunities can put the odds more in your favor on the water. Specialty trips are normally 6+ hour trips.

To book a specialty fishing trip with Captain Brian, Click Here. or you can text/call 941-400-6218

Specialty Trip Options


Snook Alley Dock Light Trip

An angler smiles holding a large snook

“How are they catching snook at night?”“An alley full of snook? That can’t be true!” “Who gave it the name ‘Snook Alley’?” “Where is it and how do I get there?” These were the musings of a 9 year old sitting at the breakfast table and combing through the Bradenton Herald fishing reports in the late ’80s. That was the very first time I saw the name ‘Snook Alley’. Not much information was ever given about this mysterious place. Most often it was one sentence: “Good snook bite continues south in Snook Alley at night”. One sentence was plenty. It sounded like a Disney World for snook fishing. Read More…

Fishing Bull Bay

A sunrise in Florida's Bull Bay

Bull Bay is a famed saltwater fishery located on Florida’s Gulf coast just south of Placida, FL and right around the corner from the west wall of Charlotte Harbor. Fishing in Bull Bay for redfish, snook, and seatrout is an experience that carves lasting memories into the minds of anglers who explore this wild back country paradise. The bay is wonderfully isolated from civilization and magnificently wild – Bull Bay is an inshore angler’s paradise. Read More…

Fishing for Back Country Tarpon 

backcountry tarpon

Fishing for back country tarpon is special. Tarpon can be caught in a variety of locations, but finding them in the wildest of places, makes back country tarpon the pursuit of many fly anglers. Fishing around Sarasota, Florida means that there is endless back country to explore. The fisheries of Tampa Bay, the Manatee River, the Myakka River, the Peace River, and Charlotte Harbor provide ideal hunting grounds for tarpon in the back country. Read More…

And There Are Plenty More

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