Dock Light Fishing

As far back in time as lights were put into use on bridges and docks, Florida sportfish have gathered around them. When baitfish and shrimp see light shining in the water, they behave similarly to moths around a porch light. They become entranced and act quite carelessly as they bask in the aura of the light. Snook and other sportfish begin to gather around the light, often feeding aggressively at the water surface on unsuspecting bait as it passes by.

Dock lights offer anglers an opportunity not normally obtainable during daylight; the ability to get extremely close to wary sportfish. In daylight, snook are extremely cautious, bolting for cover at the faintest sign of danger. But the darkness of the night hides anglers from view, allowing for exceptionally close encounters with Florida’s most sought after gamefish.

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People often find themselves overwhelmed with excitement as they watch a snook chasing down minnows in the light for the first time. Everything that makes the snook the favorite Florida gamefish is on display. The rapid acceleration, quick and impossible turns, and the distinct gulping sound that pierces the night as the snook finally gets its meal.

Fishing dock lights is an incredible experience. Personally, I appreciate the diversity of opportunities that dock light fishing presents to anglers of all skill levels. A beginning angler finds joy in catching their first dock light snook. Anglers using artificial lures and baits quickly discover how finicky and shrewd snook can be in dock lights. Finally, fly fisherman often use dock lights to improve their sight fishing skills and to experience the thrill of catching a snook on the fly. Regardless of your skill level, the dock lights will provide you with a thrilling experience and lasting memories.

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