An angler smiles and admires the giant redfish that he caught while fly fishing

I’ve been at redfish camp in Louisiana since the beginning of October. This is the first year that I have offered Louisiana redfish trips and it’s been a wonderful experience for my anglers and myself. The Louisiana marsh is a magical place where the dream of feeding a giant bull redfish a small fly becomes reality. The marsh is sight fishing heaven for saltwater fly fishermen.

A truck with a james baroud tent and boat and trailer

Redfish of all sizes can be found throughout the marsh and all are worthy of an anglers attention, but the large bulls are the reason why so many anglers find their way down to the bayou. We have done a marvelous job of finding and feeding these giant redfish. The variety of places that bulls can be found is half of the fun.

An angler fights a fish with a fly rod on the bow of the boat

In general, the Gulf islands are the place to find the schools of bulls when conditions are acceptable. However, finding bull redfish in the narrow creeks and the muddy ponds of the marsh has to be my favorite place to find them. These are special fish. The bulls from the backwater creeks and ponds are the most colorful and seem to weigh an additional 5-10 pounds when compared to their Gulf brethren. Nothing quite compares to hooking a 45 inch fish in a creek no wider than a one lane road – It’s spectacular.

A guide stands next to an angler holding up a redfish for the camera. It's a big refish caught in a narrow creek

Sarasota Fishing Update

I’ll be back in Sarasota for the week of Thanksgiving to be with family and to run fishing trips. I have a few days left open, so if you would like to get out in Sarasota send me a text or call (941)-400-6218. I’ll be running dock light trips as well as a few half and full day trips. At night we will be targeting mainly snook. During the day, we will be focused on sight fishing in clear shallow water as long as conditions allow.

Thanks for reading and have a great Thanksgiving!

Captain Brian Boehm
Quiet Waters Fishing
Sarasota, FL 34231