Captain Brian Boehm of Quiet Waters Fishing holds a large seatrout known as a gator trout

It’s winter – a great time to find large seatrout in shallow water. It’s prime time for tossing big plugs at gator trout in skinny water. On Christmas Eve, I took out the Orange Crush and we found a few good ones in shallow water. The seatrout we found had commandeered ambush points abandoned by snook that have fled for warmer water.

Orange Crush threw topwater the entire morning and I stayed just below the surface with a Catch 2000. For our efforts, we were treated to some incredible surface explosions, boils, rolls, and other bonus visuals. We caught a handful of seatrout that were in the low 20’s and one that went high 20’s.

There is something special about the violent force big seatrout use when they explode on plugs. It’s very pleasing and moderately addictive for visually driven anglers. If you’re a visually driven angler into big winter seatrout, now is the time to go on the hunt. They are around.

Hope you stick a big one,

Capt. Brian Boehm
Quiet Waters
Sarasota, FL