From time to time, a similar observation or question pops up on charters. It’s usually from more ardent anglers who appreciate the magnitude of something as simple as a loop knot. “How are you getting your loops so small?” is the question I’ve heard the most lately. The answer is always the same, “It’s the canoe man loop knot.”

The knot is an easy tie and, in my opinion, it’s much sleeker than lefty’s loop knot. My favorite part of this knot is how easy it is to control the size of the loop. It’s a great knot for flats fishing, but it’s not a knot I would use for fishing larger fish like tarpon where a jam knot is required. Here’s a video made by a Captain on the east coast: Drew Cavanaugh. I hope you enjoy and we’ll see you on the water soon!

Captain Brian Boehm
Quiet Waters Fishing
Guide at CB’s Saltwater Outfitter
Sarasota, FL