An angler celebrates catching a snook on the fly

Sight fishing has remained steady over the last few weeks. Sight fishing is demanding, especially with a fly rod. It’s one of the most challenging, yet rewarding forms of fishing around and some days are just better than others. Redfish were plentiful over the last week, but they were wily. We had too many big reds come unpinned at or near the boat over the last week. Sometimes they win. That trend will change

The warm weather combined with strong winds created ideal conditions for snook to pile into small coves where glass minnows were seeking shelter from the strong gusts. We fed plenty of snook with the floating minnow fly when they were staged in shallow water and the JT clouser minnow when they were hanging low in deeper pockets.

Fishing for snook on dock lights at night continues to be the best way to catch good numbers of fish and quality fish. Despite recent lackluster tides, we still enjoyed action packed nights fishing dock lights. Fly anglers are still doing best using small glass minnow imitations. Anglers fishing light tackle on dock lights did well with Rapala lipped plugs and small artificial shrimp lures.

Deep grass enthusiasts had to have been pleased with the action in deeper water over the last week. The deep grass really came to life with seatrout and mackerel offering easy action for anglers seeking a bent rod. Jack crevalles provided a lot of fun in transition zones from the flats to deeper water and on wind blown shores. We’re getting another moderate cold front over the weekend and that should impact how active our fish will be. Getting started later in the day after some warming has occurred and slowing down your presentation should make for more productive fishing on cold mornings.

An angler holds a jack crevalle caught on spinning gear

Capt. Brian Boehm
Orvis Endorsed Guide
Quiet Waters Fishing
Guide at CB’s Saltwater Outfitters
Sarasota, FL