Fishing in Sarasota, FL and surrounding areas during August was productive. Anglers fishing with Quiet Waters, found success fishing the shallow flats, deeper grass flats, and dock lights. Early in the month we found tarpon and snook on dock lights. Additionally, juvenile tarpon were busy in our area waters throughout the month. Large schools of baitfish remain present in Sarasota Bay, Little Sarasota Bay, and Blackburn Bay. The most consistent fishing in Sarasota occurred early in the day, especially during times with good tidal flow.

Snook caught in Sarasota

JT with a nice snook caught on fly

The best action for fly fishing during the month came after dark on dock lights in Sarasota Bay and Little Sarasota Bay. Early in the month we had good action from tarpon around bridges and on dock lights. One Quiet Waters angler hooked an adult tarpon on a 9 weight rod and managed to fight the fish for over twenty minutes. It was quite an experience.  Snook were reliable targets on dock lights throughout the month. Using small glass minnow patterns, EP baitfish patterns, and clouser minnows were all effective flies on these fish.

Runoff, from persistent rains, stained much of our area waters a dark tea color for much of the month. The fishing wasn’t significantly impacted as long as anglers used colors that stood out. Chartreuse, purple, and pink colored baits worked best in the darker waters. We found good size seatrout over deeper grass flats. They were bunched together tightly and seemed to change locations daily. The Mirrolure Mirrodine XL is a tough bait to beat for covering water and rolling larger seatrout. It does a great job of calling the larger seatrout to the plug where they roll over it, trying to engulf it. It’s a highly visual take and a satisfying way to catch these fish.

Seatrout in Sarasota Florida

Doubling up on Seatrout in Sarasota, FL

Fishing in Sarasota and surrounding areas in September will provide a lot of opportunities. Last September, tarpon fishing at night was incredible. During the day, inshore species should respond well to the cooling water temperatures. Redfish, snook, and larger seatrout are all good bets on the flats this month.



See you on the water soon!

Captain Brian Boehm
Quiet Waters Fishing
Guide at CB’s Saltwater Outfitters
Sarasota, FL