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Meet Captain Brian Boehm

Captain Brian Boehm is the owner of Quiet Waters Fishing. Captain Brian is an experienced, gifted, and well-traveled angler. He spent his youth learning and fishing the waters along the Gulf Coast of Sarasota, Florida before moving north where he worked diligently to develop into an elite angler. Brian enjoys guiding anglers of all backgrounds to a memorable fishing experience.

Captain Brian has focused on being a steward of the environment and aquatic ecosystems throughout his life. Brian has a bachelors degree in environmental science with an emphasis in water and ecosystem management. He served as an environmental consultant for over a decade managing wetlands, lakes, and fisheries.

​His fishing travels brought him to some of the most secluded and beautiful locations in the country, but ultimately Brian recognized that the turquoise waters and incredible sport fisheries of the gulf had no rival. Brian returned home to Sarasota with his wife and three children and has not looked back.

​Captain Brian has been a successful tournament angler. He is known for his professional, patient, and caring approach with anglers. He appreciates sharing his home waters with his guests and looks forward to seeing you on the water. Trip options are available here, but call Captain Brian to find the right trip for you.

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