Running fly fishing trips in skinny water forces you to search for any advantage available for the anglers that pay you to fish. I’ve tried just about every fly line manufacturer out there but never felt that I had found ‘the one’. Listening to a dated podcast a few years back, I heard a couple of old timers mention a clear floating fly line that they had started using. They boasted how this Monic fly line spooked far fewer fish and increased their catch rate while fishing the shallow flats.

Eventually, I purchased my first Monic fly line. I bought a Henley Clear Phantom Tip for tarpon fishing off the beach. I liked it, so I bought additional Monic lines for my inshore flats trips as well. The clear line makes a big difference – it spooks far fewer fish. The taper makes the line a breeze to punch through wind, yet it’s versatile enough to provide soft landings when sight fishing wary fish.

Monic lines are made in Boulder, CO and they’re not made with PVC like so many other lines out there. That means that they’re far friendlier to the environment during manufacturing and the line is less likely to develop the dreaded circumferential cracking that occurs on so many fly lines over time.

Monic makes super stealthy fly lines that won’t degrade like typical lines. They’re made in the USA with a production process that is far better for the environment. I like these lines a lot and I’m glad to have them as the official fly line of Quiet Waters. I use the Henley Clear Phantom Tip and the Henley Clear  If you give Monic fly lines a try, use the code “QuietWatersClear15” (code is case sensitive) for an additional 15% off their fly lines. 

Capt. Brian Boehm
Quiet Waters Fishing
Guide at CB’s Saltwater Outfitters
Sarasota, FL